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Google Chrome is considered to be one of the most used browsers on the internet. It was introduced by Google in 2008, and it has grown to become the most advanced and equipped browser, which is preferred and accessed by almost everyone for an improved searching experience.

However, there are certain Google tricks unbeknownst to its regular users, which can improve their browsing and searching experience to an extent. These exclusive and lesser-known Google tricks and useful shortcuts comprise the following tips and tricks:

Super convenient keyboard shortcuts

When browsing the internet, everyone feels inclined to use a series of shortcuts, which would assist them in saving time. These keyboard shortcuts are equipped with convenience and expediency, which allows the user of Google Chrome save time and browse quickly.

Using keyboard shortcuts have become common phenomena. The keyboard shortcuts used on Google Chrome are advanced and differentiated from the existing keyboard shortcuts. The following list is a compilation of few of the unique keyboard shortcuts, which assist you in experiencing a pleasant browsing experience on the website:

Using these two key shortcuts simultaneously directs a quick access to Chrome’s Task Manager utility, which enables you to restore the fundamental functions on the website.
Close current tab.
While it quite a handful keyboard shortcut, it proves effective in opening the recently closed tabs, which might have been closed accidentally or due to an error.
Using these three keys altogether result in the opening of the ‘incognito’ window, which allows you to surf the internet without storing your history or downloads.
Add a bookmark for the page currently opened.
Display the downloads window.

Custom searches

With the advancement in browsers, the need for custom searches has become a common issue, which is addressed by Google in Google Chrome. If you want to use the browser’s address bar for running a quick search, you can simply type in the keyword in the search bar, which should be completed by the inclusion of (?) at the end.

When using Google Chrome, it is fairly obvious that its default search engine would be Google Chrome. You can change the default search engine to your preferred search engine by delving into the settings tab. You can look up for tutorials and techniques, which are geared towards customizing your search bar for an improved browsing experience.

Find hidden goodies on the browser

Google Chrome is inclusive of hidden goodies or, ‘Easter eggs’ which comes off as surprising to its users. To unlatch a hidden goodie, you can simply type ‘about:internets’ into the address bar of the browser, and you will be directed to the perspective and view of United States’ Senator, Ted Stevens, on the use of the internet. However, this feature is only exclusive to Google Chrome downloaded and installed on Windows XP.

Addition of large-sized comment boxes on the browser

It is no wonder that comment or feedback boxes on a particular website could appear significantly smaller in size, which keeps the user disinterested from using the website.
Google Chrome is equipped with the feature of customizing the size of a comment box, and you are simply required to stretch the outer corners of a web-based comment field to your preferred size.

Minimalistic style and design

Google Chrome has incorporated various browsing tabs to its Toolbar, which enables the users to access a website without any hassle. The incorporation of these browsing tabs adds flexibility to the search experience of a user. As mentioned earlier, the addition of a ‘Home’ tab allows its users to direct themselves to the default search engine installed on the website.

Improved and enhanced privacy

When surfing the internet, a user is always concerned about the use of his private information, and he begins using tools and software, which would keep his private information confidential to an extent. The newly launched version of Google Chrome was not big on privacy; however, this matter has been fixed since its inception.

Enable Incognito Mode in an instant

Google Chrome has acquired popularity for its incognito mode, which allows its users to carry out their browsing activities in a private manner, without saving the records of their browsing and downloads history. You can simply right-click on the settings bar, and look for the ‘Open link in incognito window’ option to start with your browsing session.

Alternatively, you can employ keyboard shortcut keys to access the incognito mode in an instant. You can simply select CTRL+SHIFT+N on your keyboard simultaneously to activate the incognito mode.

Adding a customized Google Toolbar to the browser

Over the course of years, the browser has been subjected to several modifications and updates; however, it still needs to work on updating its Google Toolbar. A Google Toolbar comprises unique features like an access to Google Bookmarks, accessibility to Gmail, spell checker, and the tool to send multiple URLs using email in few clicks.

Harry McCracken has devised an innovative way to browse the website, which is supported by the inclusion of Google Toolbar to the browser using an innovative technique, known as the Project Fakebar. You can learn more about this feature in your spare time to learn how to install it to your existing browser.

Equipped Firefox with its key features:

With the introduction of Google Chrome, it has become a cult-favorite, and it is heavily installed on large to small sized devices. However, the browser is highly subjected to security issues, privacy concerns, and bugs, which lowers its efficiency as a whole. It also keeps its users from experiencing a full-on Google-centric experience on the internet.

Firefox, another type of browser, can be customized accordingly by adding Google-centric features to it. You can ask a professional to configure your Firefox to make it equipped with Chrome’s innovative and quick features.

Additional features installed to the browser:

Google Chrome consists of exciting and innovative features, which were designed to improve the browsing experience of a user. You are simply required to use a keyword in a search bar, which will lead you to several websites at a time. In addition, the inclusion of Google Books, Google Maps, Google News, and Google Translator has upgraded the uniqueness of the browser to another level. You can also select a number of add-in extensions from Google Chrome store to enhance your overall browsing experience.

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