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Google cloud services are used for phishing

Google services used for phishing

Attackers, whose main goal is to steal various credentials, are increasingly turning to public cloud services to host decoy files and phishing pages. Even Google services are now being used for phishing. Check Point experts warn that earlier this year they discovered a campaign, which was abusing Google cloud services. …

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Google Maps helps users protect themselves from COVID-19

Google maps helps protect from COVID-19

Google has added a number of new features to its mapping service to help users protect themselves from COVID-19. Google Maps now provides travelers and people on duty with public transport information on how the COVID-19 pandemic could affect their trip. Among other updates, now the Google Maps application will …

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Google experts talked about vulnerabilities in Apple operating systems

Google talked about vulnerabilities in Apple

Google Project Zero specialists discovered and described many vulnerabilities in Apple’s operating systems. For example, they are part of the Image I/O framework, which is used for parsing images and is part of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Overall were identified 14 vulnerabilities, six of which directly affect Apple Image …

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Firefox Refuses to Support FTP Protocol

Firefox Refuses to Support FTP

ZDNet reports that Mozilla developers consider FTP to be an insecure protocol and will soon refuse to support it in Firefox. Therefore, users will no longer be able to upload files via FTP, and may not be able to view the contents of FTP links and folders in a browser. …

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More than 40% of Android users are at risk of cyberattacks

Android users are at risk

According to a study by Which company, more than 40% of active Android users around the world use OS version 6.0 or earlier. Therefore, they will not receive security updates and are at risk of cyberattacks. One of the main complaints about the Android mobile operating system has always been …

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