Spammers hide behind hexadecimal IP addresses

Trustwave experts have discovered that pharmaceutical spam attackers have started to insert unusual URLs into their messages. Spammers hide behind hexadecimal IP addresses. They use hexadecimal IPs to bypass email filters and other security solutions. he idea is based on the use of RFC791 standard. Researchers remind that, for example, is the same as, it’s just the first option is easier to remember. “Technically, an IP address can be represented in several formats and therefore can be used in a URL in a variety of ways”, — explain Trustwave researchers. For example, any IP address can be written in other formats, including: octal IP address: https://0330.0072.0307.0116; hexadecimal IP address: https://0xD83AC74E; integer or DWORD IP address: https://3627730766. This feature …

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Spammers hide behind IP addresses

Spam Email. What Do Spammers Hope For?

For many of us, the most dreaded chore can be the weekly mail cleanup – answering all the overdue emails and deleting the ones that are of zero importance going ahead. But what is probably the most irksome parasite that latches onto emailing is annoying spam. There must have been a time when you would have opened yet another email telling you that you have won a coupon to a store or informing you of the miraculous solution to weight gain and thought, ‘Why do people even spam?’ Well, here is what the purpose of spammers is: money. Most people get sucked into the spamming business because it is a lucrative one. It is a business that does not require …

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The danger of botnet network

The word “botnet” is now very widespread and almost all users know what is mean. This is not surprising because this part of a network can be virtually any device with Internet access. Such network can infect many devices such a desktop computer, smartphone and home WI-FI-router. All of them may one-day weapon in the hand of cybercriminals. What is a “botnet” network, why they are dangerous and how don’t allow criminals to take control over your devices – we will answer all these questions in this post. What is a botnet? So botnet consists of any device with Internet access, what was infected with malware virus, and gain control in the wrong hands, without the user’s knowledge. This happens …

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The danger of botnet network
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