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Hackers force users to solve CAPTCHA

Hackers force to solve CAPTCHA

Microsoft analysts have discovered a malicious campaign, in which hackers force users to solve CAPTCHA before they gain access to malicious content in an Excel document. This file contains macros that install on the victims’ machines GraceWire Trojan, which steals confidential information (for example, passwords). Responsibility for this campaign is …

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Conspiracy theorists accused Bill Gates in creating coronavirus

Conspiracy theorists accused Gates

Microsoft founder Bill Gates fell victim of fake theories that he was allegedly involved in the creation of the coronavirus COVID-19. In fact, conspiracy theorists accused Bill Gates in creation of a coronavirus and intention to achieve material benefits from the pandemic. At TED conference in 2015, Bill Gates argued …

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Microsoft bought the domain Corp.com, so criminals would not do it

Microsoft bought the domain Corp.com

The well-known IS journalist Brian Krebs drew attention to an interesting fact: this week Microsoft bought the domain Corp.com, so that criminals would not do it. The sum of transaction is not disclosed. Krebs first turned his attention to this domain when a man named Mike O’Connor, who owned it …

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Microsoft stopped RDCMan development due to a bug

Microsoft stopped RDCMan development

Microsoft has stopped development of the Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) application after it has been identified as vulnerability. As the name suggests, this application allows remotely connecting to other Windows computers through RDP. Windows Live Experience team developed it for the internal use, but since the late 2000s it …

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Researchers found about 700 problematic Microsoft subdomains

700 problematic Microsoft subdomains

Vullnerability researchers found about 700 problematic Microsoft subdomains and captured one of them for demonstration. Michel Gaschet, an information security specialist, reported about the problem back in February, and has been informing Microsoft of its many vulnerable subdomains for many years. “The company has thousands of subdomains at its disposal, …

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Hackers scan network for vulnerable Microsoft Exchange servers

Hackers Scan Microsoft Exchange

Information security experts warn that hackers are already scanning the network for Microsoft Exchange servers that are vulnerable to CVE-2020-0688, which Microsoft developers fixed two weeks ago. The problem is related to the operation of the Exchange Control Panel (ECP) component and the inability of Microsoft Exchange to create unique …

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FSF sent Microsoft developers an empty HDD for Windows 7 sources

FSF sent to Microsoft HDD

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) sent Microsoft developers an empty HDD, asking company to write the Windows 7 source code. At the end of January 2020, in connection with the termination of support for Windows 7, the Free Software Foundation published an open letter and a petition calling on Microsoft …

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Windows EFS can help encryptors and make work of antiviruses more difficult

Windows EFS Help Encryptors

Safebreach Labs reported that attackers could use the Windows Encrypting File System (EFS) for their needs. Windows EFS can help encryptors and make work of antiviruses more difficult. EFS has been part of Windows operating systems since the release of Windows 2000. Unlike full BitLocker encryption, EFS can selectively encrypt …

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