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How to protect your PC from virus, that have infected systems all around the world? Be careful, WannaCry may come for you!

I think you’ve already heard about this virus. For the past few days, it spread to computers in 74 counties! The biggest impact we can see in China, Russian Federation, Peru, France and Canada. For only one day it infected German rail stations, Chinese Universities, the Russian Interior Ministry, British hostitals, and other government institutions. Impressive, isn’t it?

Train station hacked

German train station

virus in the lab

Wanna Cry in the university

How WannaCry (or Wana Decrypt0r 2.0) distributing and what is it capable of?

You can infect PC by downloading some pirate programs, clicking on suspicious pop-ups with fake “update” and by emails. Be really careful before clicking on some attachments and running programs from unknown source.
When it infects your PC it will scan all files and crypt them with WNCRY extension. Access is blocked to images, documents, and music, and system files. After that, you will see the message on the screen “Oops, your files have been encrypted” and demand to pay 300$ in Bitcoin to decrypt your files. However, no one guarantees that after paying the foreclosure the files will be decrypted.

Wannacry  virus demand

Wannacry virus

To make sure that this epidemic will bypass you immediately install the patch MS17-010 from Microsoft. After installation, restart the computer. You need to scan your PC and in the case of detection of malicious attacks (Trojan.Win64.EquationDrug.gen) – again reboot the system and make sure that the patch MS17-010 is installed.

If you are already infected follow steps below to eliminate the virus.

  1. It is necessary to enable the safe mode with the loading of network drivers.
  2. Then you need to scan the system with strong antivirus program and remove all detected files

The last step for user is to restore the encrypted files, that you can do only after Wncry is uninstalled. Otherwise, system files and registries can be damaged. For this, you can try different decrypt programs, but they won’t guarantee, that restore files.

So as we can see viruses don’t sleep and evolving every day. WannaCry will definitely be in the our next list of the top 10 viruses.

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