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Top-6 biggest tech failures of 2016

While everyone is going ready for the New Year ’s Eve we’ve decided to make a list of the most valuable tech failures of this year in the technical world.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    The biggest failure of Samsung for all history is Galaxy Note 7. Smartphones started exploding, that caused a stoppage in production and a forbiddance to take it in airplanes. It will take a lot of time to clear the skirts of a company.

  2. Windows 10

    We all waited for a Windows 10 Anniversary Update after unusual and inconvenient Windows 8, that hasn’t a Start Menu button. But a lot of users faced with a problem of endless reboot cycle that developers can’t stop. In the end, the company found a way how to fix this problem, but updates caused other complaints, such as blocking Internet access.

  3. Screen problem of iPhone 6

    Another problem with smartphones was detected in 2016. This time is iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. A screen of both phones became unresponsive. The problem lies in the controller, that isn’t right connected to the motherboard. Even if you very carefully using your device, someday this problem will show up and there is no way to fix it properly.

  4. Facebook Killer

    Although Facebook is the biggest social network it couldn’t prevent one of the biggest fails of this year. In November a lot of users “became” dead with some regretting messages from the system on their page. A victim of this mistake was even a creator of network Mark Zuckerberg. But, most of the users were joking on this, so Facebook got off easily.

  5. Yahoo data breach

    The huge data breach for the past few years happened with Yahoo. Over a billion users were hacked. Password, names, dates of birth and other private information were stolen, but luckily data about credit cards and banking accounts stayed private.

  6. GoPro Karma drone

    This time products weren’t exploding, but they just stopped working while customers were using it. Considering, that the cost of one drone starts from 800$ it is an unforgivable mistake for the company. Unlike to Aplle Inc. GoPro gave a refund to each customer that bought GoPro Karma drone.

So, as we can see this year was full of unpleasant tech surprises. Even big corporations are vulnerable to mistakes, shortcomings, and viruses. But every user can protect himself by using a powerful security software for his PC. GridinSoft Anti-Malware will keep your information and devices safe from any viruses. Be protected in 2017.

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