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How can hackers crack your router?

Do you think that you are protected from hackers? Of course, you are using a wireless access point with an encryption. You are wrong! Hackers just pull your vigilance.

There are 4 things, that hackers hope you won’t find out:

  1. WEP encryption is unworkable for protecting your wireless network.

    WEP (stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy – is one of security algorithms for wireless networks) just gives users a faulty sense of security, that can be easily cracked for a minute.
    Even a beginner hacker can breakdown a WEP password within minutes, that prove a uselessness of this protection.
    If you have an old router and have never changed your encryption from WEP to the advanced and powerful WPA2 (and Wi-Fi Protected Access II is a security protocol and security certification program that secure wireless computer networks) security you are in danger. Switching your router to WPA2 is a very simple process. More details about this you can find on router manufacturer’s website.

  2. Using the router’s MAC filter to avoid unknown devices from joining your network is inefficient and easy to hack.

    Each IP-based hardware has its own hard-coded MAC address in the network interface. Most routers give you a possibility to permit or deny network access considering a device’s MAC address. Then router investigates the MAC address of any device requesting access and match it with a list of permitted or denied MACs. Seems as a great security instrument but the problem is that hackers can fake the MAC to the one, which was approved.

  3. Switch off your wireless router’s remote administration feature can be a very efficient way to make your data safe from hackers.

    Most routers have a setting that gives you an opportunity to administer the router with a wireless connection. What does this function mean? Is that you have an access to all of the routers settings not using a computer, that you registered into the router using an Internet cable. As it convenient for a user, it is very convenient for a hacker. We recommend you to turning off this remote access, so to change a security setting you will need a physical connection to the network.

  4. If you use public hotspots you are perfect victim for a hacker and hijacking attacks.

    Hackers can use programs like Firesheep and AirJack to do “man-in-the-middle” attacks where they include themselves into the wireless chat between sender and receiver. Once they have included themselves in communications, they can see all your account passwords, have an access to your e-mails, etc.
    We recommend you to read our article HOW TO USE WI-FI FOR FREE AND KEEP YOUR DATA PRIVATE.

So how to keep your PC safe?
  • First of all, create a difficult password and change it regularly. Use long enough (12 characters at least) password that includes numbers, symbols, capital letters, and lower-case letters.
  • Ask someone to hack your site or device so you will know weak places.
  • Regularly update your software, because a new versions have a stronger security system.
  • Choose a strong anti-malware program for your PC so it can protect you from malware programs and data breaches. GridinSoft Anti-Malware will protect you and keep devices and information safe.

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