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Google Search Indexes WhatsApp Private Groups

WhatsApp Groups Indexes Google

Google search engine indexes invitations to WhatsApp groups (including links to private groups), which makes them visible and accessible to any user who wants to join the group. The journalist Jordan Wildon drew attention to the problem. He found that the WhatsApp “Invite to Group link” feature allows Google indexing …

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Number of linked with WhatsApp phishing URLs increased by 13 467%

WhatsApp Phishing URLs

According to Vade Secure’s report, the number of phishing URLs related to Facebook grew by 358,8%, and WhatsApp, by 13467%. Vade Secure published a report on phishing threats in the fourth quarter of 2019. Researchers identified 25 brands that phishers most widely use, compiling this list by analyzing a variety …

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Dangerous vulnerabilities in WhatsApp allowed compromising millions of users

Dangerous vulnerabilities in WhatsApp

Security researcher Gal Weizman from PerimeterX disclosed technical details of a number of dangerous vulnerabilities (united under the common identifier CVE-2019-18426) found in the desktop version of the WhatsApp messenger. Using these vulnerabilities, attackers could remotely steal files from computers running Windows or macOS. “I really wanted to find a …

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