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The researcher found that every 142nd password is “123456”

every 142nd password is “123456”

Ata Hakçıl, a Turkish student and independent researcher, has done a great job examining over a billion different usernames and passwords. The researcher found that every 142nd password is “123456”. He collected such a huge dump for analysis from open sources: all this data was once “leaked” to the network …

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Users seldom change passwords even after data leaks

Users seldom change passwords

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University found that users seldom change passwords even after receiving data leakage messages. Scientists estimate that only a third of users actually update access to their sensitive data after being compromised. Interestingly, this report, presented as part of the IEEE 2020 Workshop on Technology and Consumer …

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Experts have discovered vulnerabilities in popular password managers

Vulnerabilities in popular password managers

Experts from York University explained how they managed to detect vulnerabilities in popular password managers. Bugs allowed malware stealing user credentials. It turned out that back in 2017, researchers analyzed five popular password managers: LastPass, Dashlane, Keeper, 1Password and RoboForm. The analysis helped identify four previously unknown vulnerabilities, including one …

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Password meter services put Internet users at risk

Password meter services risk

Password meter services, implemented on many popular platforms, can be misleading, thereby putting users at risk of cyberattacks. During the holiday season, hundreds of millions of people will receive gadgets as gifts or use their devices to buy them. The minimum they have to ensure is that their data will …

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