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Shlayer malware bypassed Apple security checks

Shlayer bypassed Apple checks

Security expert Peter Dantini discovered that the Shlayer malware bypassed Apple’s checks: it successfully passed the software notarization process and could run on any Mac running macOS Catalina and newer. In February of this year, Apple introduced a new security mechanism: any Mac software distributed outside the App Store must …

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Google experts talked about vulnerabilities in Apple operating systems

Google talked about vulnerabilities in Apple

Google Project Zero specialists discovered and described many vulnerabilities in Apple’s operating systems. For example, they are part of the Image I/O framework, which is used for parsing images and is part of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Overall were identified 14 vulnerabilities, six of which directly affect Apple Image …

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Sindhi Language Symbols Disable iPhone and iPad

Sindhi symbols disable iPhone

Users found that a messages with certain characters in the Sindhi language symbols (used primarily in India and Pakistan) disable OS 13.4.1 and crash the iPhone and iPad. A “text bomb” will affect the operation of the device, even if the user simply received a notification from Messages or WhatsApp, …

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Vulnerabilities allowed access to cameras on Mac, iPhone and iPad

Access to cameras on Mac and iPhone

Apple paid $75,000 to the IS researcher Ryan Pickren in the frameworks of the bug bounty program for vulnerabilities in Safari, due to which it was possible to access someone else’s cameras on Mac, iPhone and iPad, simply by directing a person to a special site. In total, Picren discovered …

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