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Age restrictions and children : what is important

15 years ago it was hard to imagine that personal devices will be so widespread. Nowadays, you can see a smartphone even in the hand of the homeless. There is no need to say that the average age when the children get a phone decreased from 16-18 to 12-13. But any usage of smartphones is always related to social networking of some sort. It is quite strange, but there are a lot of people who don’t understand the possible danger social networks can carry for their children. In this article, we will discuss the age restrictions for different social network, their necessity and some interesting statistics about age restrictions in different applications. Children and networks According to the study I …

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Why Free Browser Extensions Can Be Dangerous

rowser extensions are an essential thing for modern web browsing. We may take no notice about them while using your Chrome or Mozilla, however, it’s hard to imagine modern web browsing without advertisements blocking, cookies controlling, privacy management, et cetera. Other plugins have the straight influence on browser interface, adding new wallpapers, interactive widgets or toolkits in the drop-down list. But sometimes the developers of extensions are adding different potentially malicious elements to their products, that allow them to earn money. In this article you will see the detailed explanation of possible danger carried by browser extensions and the importance of proper choosing of the extensions. Here goes First, let’s look at the most popular kind of malicious extensions. In …

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Unknown Google tricks for better searching

Google is an iconic search engine. You use it everyday, as well as 4.39 billion people who are connected to the Internet, use it, too. But there are a lot of functions which are always present inside of Google, that can make searching much easier or comfortable in one step. However, more than a 20% of its users haven’t heard about Google searching tricks. In this post, I will show you how to search with Google and get the results you actually want. Meet the Google searching hints Search Tabs for full information Use Tabs introduced under the search bar if you need to get more complete information about the subject of search. This advice may sound like a truism, …

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What You Don’t Know About Location Sharing on Social Networks

Everybody knows there are certain things you can’t share on the Internet without the risk of serious consequences — photos of yourself in compromising positions, intimate details of your travel plans, or what you really think of your boss, for instance. But there are other morsels of information we share with regularity and without considering the consequences to our own detriment, a very popular writer once gave its employee permission to track and hack him. What this employee found was that, with only a progression of Google searches, a dash of Twitter information mining and some online networking data, his partner’s budgetary records could rather effectively be bargained by some individual with an issue. So, what should you stop doing …

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Online Recruitment and Its Traps

It’s no longer effective to run to every company with paper resumes and queue up to meet HR managers. As the internet has become main means of communication, we use it more frequently than anything else. The staff recruitment is one of those spheres that is also getting intertwined with the World Wide Web. That is why, everything you need to have a chance to apply for a job is to sign up for any recruitment website and share your personal information. Once you do it, you are open to various companies and employers. However, is this option safe enough as many of us think and has it prepared for us any traps? Undoubtedly, job hunt usually makes us worried …

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