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The number of “coronavirus” cyberattacks increased to 5,000 per day

Increased number of "coronavirus" cyberattacks

Check Point experts estimated that the number of “coronavirus” cyberattacks increased to 5,000 per day, and number of attacks on sites posing as Netflix services doubled. Researchers say the total number of cyberattacks has declined since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic downturn. However, the number of …

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Due to pandemic, RDP and VPN usage grew by 41% and 33%

RDP and VPN usage grew

Amid of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of remote access technologies such as RDP and VPN has grown significantly, as many companies have transferred their employees to remote work, and this usually involves a remote connection to internal networks. According to statistics from the Shodan search engine, by last Sunday, …

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Hackers spoof DNS settings to distribute fake coronavirus applications

Hackers spoof DNS settings

Journalists from Bleeping Computer investigated that hackers are replacing DNS settings for distributing fake applications. The reason for the investigation were complaints of users, which reported on the forums that they were obsessively offered to download a strange application, allegedly informing about COVID-19 and created by WHO. As it turned …

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