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Is your PC restarting without any reason or maybe, without any obvious reason? Well, it can be super annoying and we understand that! Imagine you are in the middle of an important project and you are too busy working on it and suddenly, your PC goes off and restarts again. Also, what if you haven’t saved your work too? It is horrifying, isn’t it? Well, we are here to help you in this matter. Here is a quick guide that will take you through the journey of why your PC might be restarting and how you can fix the issue.


Computers are nothing less than a blessing. They are amazing and we can’t thank technology enough, for its creation. But, it is great till it is working properly. Once your PC starts troubling your life, it is nothing less than a nightmare. You get the thoughts of the endless pending assignments and maybe your next major project that has been left in the midst as your PC keeps restarting again and again. However, even if it seems like that the issue is happening without any reason; there is always something behind it. We have listed some causes below which might be causing the trouble with your PC and how it can be fixed.

  • Heat Issues:
  • Overheating is a common issue in many computers but users is not able to get to the core of it. If you don’t clean your computer’s hardware components, then you might face this trouble. So to prevent the issue of overheating, the PC will restart automatically if any of the components crosses a certain temperature. Your PC can restart anytime if it is going through heat problems. The overheating of your PC hardware components can happen due to your room temperature or the time span that it has been running from.

  • Power Shortage:
  • Lack of power can be a common reason due to which your PC restarts and you are unable to dig into it too. If you are playing a game that has great graphics, it will demand your CPU to work fast and the amount of power needed will be immense too. Thus, if your power supply unit is unable to deliver the needed amount of power, then your computer will restart whenever the graphical card tries to attract more power than the unit can supply.

  • Software Bugs:
  • A lot of software causes bugs. This might sound weird to you but it can be the cause of your PC being troublesome. Some software causes the PC to restart again and again. A lot of people experience this. Thus, whenever you install a software, do peek into the side effects and see whether automatic PC restart is one of them or not.

  • Malware:
  • Malware is not one of the “common” reasons of PC restart. Gone are the days when the virus was created to just reboot the PC. They are more destructive than simply this issue. Just in case, if your PC is actually restarting due to a malware issue, it is most likely to be a combination of malware or a software bug.

Now you know the issues that might be causing your PC to restart but you also need to find out that which one of these is actually the trouble maker, right? The easiest way out of the problem is to allow Windows to detect the issue for you. It can pinpoint at the culprit easily. There are various ways through which Windows can help you in detecting the issue.

One of the best ways is to do so through BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Click on My Computer or if you are using Windows 10, you need to right click on This PC. Go to the properties and click the Advanced System Settings via the window that pops up. You will see a startup and recovery section; open settings from there and then uncheck the box that says Automatically Restart. You will find this option through the System Failure Area and once you uncheck the box, just click OK. But, you need to have administrator privileges if you want to change these settings.

If you are done with these settings, you need to wait until your PC restarts again. When your PC crashes, BSOD will give you an error code and you need to write it down. Research that code and you will find the reason of the issue easily. Once you have gotten to the core issue, here are some steps that will help you in fixing the problem.

Steps that will help you in fixing the problem

Power Shortage:

If your power supply unit is the culprit, you obviously need to invest in a new one. You can also use an online power supply calculator service like Power Supply Calculator or Extreme Power. These will help you in determining how much power your setup is actually demanding for. These tools are totally free and they will actually help you a lot in finding the right power supply unit and will also ensure smoothing running of your PC.

Heat Issues:

If overheating is the issue, you need to know which component is causing the issue. Once the component is determined, the issue of overheating can be solved within no time. You can install an application which helps you in determining the exact temperature of all your hardware components. Also, when you find out which component is the trouble maker, you can easily look up for the solutions on internet and clean them accordingly.


Malware is unlikely to be an issue which is causing the trouble but you can easily remove the malware by an online tool. You can get a reliable antimalware tool online which will easily do the job. Note that usual antivirus programs miss typical malware, that’s why you need to find exactly antimalware software.

Software Bugs:

Software bugs are pretty easy to solve. Once you have determined which software is causing the issue, you simply need to uninstall it. However, if you really need it, you can wait for an update as updates usually solve such bugs and make the application smooth to run. If the issue remains, install an alternative or an older version.

Well, this is it guys! Now you know what might be causing your PC to restart and how you can actually fix it. These are 4 of the most commons problems that cause your PC to restart without any reason and you can easily determine which one is yours. hopefully this guide will help you out!

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