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How to understand that your system is infected? Be alert!

The network has a huge number of malicious programs and viruses that can affect the computer in a variety of ways. Some destroy your files, others use your data on sites you do not know, spread to other systems using your email program and even destroy everything that is on the hard drive. Infection of the computer can occur under pictures, links to them, greeting cards, sound and video files. In addition, viruses can be “picked up” from the Internet along with unlicensed software or other files and programs. But how to understand that you have virus in the system? What signs of it?

  1. Unexpected failures

    The unstable operation of the system is difficult not to notice. It happens once, then a second time and a third. Periodically there is a “blue screen”. It is also called the “screen of death”. And this is a clear signal – something is wrong. Notice something similar, do not delay the scan of the system with a powerful antivirus.

    blue screen PC

    blue screen


  2. Computer become slow

    If the computer is running very slowly it is possible that the virus automatically launches extra programs. This is what the Trojan, for example, does. If you see suspicious processes or programs in the system registry or “Task Manager” be wary and take action.

  3. Excessive activity of the hard drive and loss of files

    If you have detected the excessive activity of the hard drive, when the system is idle, it can also be a “bell”. Thus, malicious programs are “scorching” by looking for something interesting in the file system of your computer. We are pretty sure you don’t want that viruses dig into your files and because of it, files even whole folders disappear in an incomprehensible way for you. By the way, pay attention to changes in the appearance and size of the files.

  4. The strange operation of the infected PC

    Pop-up dialogs at boot time, especially those that prevent access to computer disks, can indicate viruses.

  5. “Suspicious” messages

    Another reason for scanning the system – during the work you periodically see pop-up dialog boxes that some program or some file can not be opened. In general, the constant appearance of information about errors – this is very suspicious. It is better to check your PC.

  6. Unhealthy work of programs

    Self-loading programs, messages or pictures (you haven’t done anything, and suddenly have an image in full screen) also possibly means trouble. The failure of your programs or their attempt to access the Internet without your knowledge, can all be tricks of viruses.

  7. High network activity

    Pay attention to arbitrary network activity. Tighten, if the router does not stop flashing, indicating the high network activity, and you have nothing to do with it – do not use the software that needs the Internet and your browsers are closed. Actually, if your browser behaved strangely, it is also very, very bad. For example, he refuses to close tabs, redirects you to suspicious pages or opens random sites. Yes, it means that you have a virus.

  8. Instability” of email

    Your friends or colleagues complain about spam from you, and you know for sure that you haven’t done that? It’s a sign! Apparently, someone actively uses your account. It’s terrible, is not it? This is how virus tries to infect others using your machine.

    spam removal

    spam emails

  9. Your IP was blacklisted

    It is possible that it is the work of the virus. Your system could be hacked to use it in a spam botnet. You are being treated!

  10. Antivirus was unexpectedly disconnected

    Some malicious software can disable antivirus programs so that they do not protect you anymore. 99%, that you already have problems if your antivirus suddenly stopped working.

    So if you noticed one or few problems from this list it means that you have a virus. What to do?
    First, of course, do not panic. Your problem is not unique. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to avoid virus attacks once and for all. In addition, hackers daily come up with more and more sophisticated ways to infect the whole world, perhaps through your technique.

    Update your software and system, consistently updated software is one the best protections against new malware.

    Here are a few steps you can take to help prevent any nasty surprises:

    • Use a quality Anti-virus program, alongside an effective anti-spyware/malware program. Scan regularly
    • Keep your passwords private and do not use the same password across different sites.
    • Avoid downloading software from disreputable sites, if you are concerned, check out their W.O.T status.
    • When using social media sites be very cautious about giving away personal information.
    • Avoid opening emails or attachments from unknown or unsolicited sources
    • Watch out for ‘Phishing’ sites often these can be identified by misspelled words or phrases, out of date logos, incorrect links or a bad layout.
    • If you are concerned about a file on your computer upload it to a reputable anti-malware company for analysis (they’ll be happy to let you know if it’s malicious or not)
    • There are lots of freebies on the internet but some come with built-in spyware, be selective about what you use. Checkout customer feedback and if necessary ask the software provider directly.
    • Stay safe and be happy thankfully there are lots of good people out there working hard to beat the ‘Bad Dudes’.

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