Forewarned is forearmed, this is the second part of our new category in our Blog! Here is a new threat, that is really hard to notice! Maybe you have it on your device right now. Check it!


  » PowerOff Hijack

Do you think, that the switched off phone is secured from any Internet threats? Then you’ve never heard about PowerOffHijack (or Shutdown Hijack).

Security researchers have found it hijacking the shutdown process. It shows a fake message when you are trying to turn off the phone. It looks like real shutdown animation, and the phone seems to be off. The virus in its turn is still working there – it spying on users, collects personal information and downloads other apps without your concern, make calls, takes photos and makes other unpleasant things.

What to do if you have noticed signs of PowerOffHijack on your Android? Firstly, take out the battery to really turn off the device. Then restart it and delete all suspicious and unsafe apps. After that, we recommend scanning your Android device with an antivirus program.

PowerOffHijack malware has already attacked more than 10,000 devices, most of them in China where the malware was appeared and spread through the official local app stores (!)

Important information you need to know about PowerOffHijack:

  1. The malware wasn’t found on a Google Play Store
  2. Only Android versions below 5 vulnerable to PowerOffHijack
  3. The malware must be able to obtain root access to function

To prevent this malware we recommend to update your Android version and do not install apps from unknown sources. Also, scan your phone regularly with an antivirus program. Always check your the developer’s history of each app you’ve downloaded, even if it is Google Play.

Wait for our next post about Malware to be aware of possible threats to your private life. We will tell why you can’t fully trust apps on Google Play.

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