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Mozilla suspended Firefox Send service due to abuse and malware

Mozilla Suspended Firefox Send

Journalists from ZDNet drew attention of Mozilla engineers to numerous abuses of the Firefox Send service, which was actively used to distribute the malware. Mozilla temporarily suspended the Firefox Send service (for the time of investigation), and the developers promise to improve it and add a “Report Abuse” button. Firefox …

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Attackers hack Roblox accounts and urge to vote for Trump

Attackers hack Roblox accounts

According to the ZDNet publication, unknown attackers hack Roblox accounts and leave a message “Ask your parents to vote for Trump this year! #MAGA2020 ” in about 1800 users’ profiles on Roblox.com. Judging by the complaints of the victims, which can be found on Reddit, on Twitter and so on, …

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Experts confirm data leak of 26 million LiveJournal users

Experts confirmed LiveJournal leak.

In mid-May 2020, in the Telegram channel of the head of DeviceLock company Ashot Hovhannisyan appeared information on data leak of 33.7 million LiveJournal users. Now, experts have confirmed a data leak of 26 million users. It was reported that the detected text file contains 33,726,800 lines, among which you …

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Dharma ransomware source code put for sale

Dharma ransomware source code

ZDNet reports that the source code for one of the most profitable ransomware of our time, the Dharma ransomware, was put for sale on two hacker forums last weekend. Sources are sold for $2,000. Let me remind you that this year the FBI called Dharma the second most profitable ransomware …

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