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GitLab checked its employees: on phishing got every fifth

GitLab checked employees on phishing

Recently, the GitLab platform conducted a security audit, analyzing if working from home employees are resistant to phishing attacks. As it turned out, every fifth got on phishing in GitLab: 20% of employees agreed to enter their credentials on a fake login page. A training attack conducted by the GitLab …

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GitHub warned users about phishing attack

GitHub warned about phishing attack

Representatives of the GitHub web service warned users of a massive phishing attack called Sawfish. Recently, users more and more often receive phishing emails with fake warnings about suspicious activity of a recorded account or strange changes made to the repository or settings. “The links attached to such messages lead …

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Almost three quarters of modern phishing sites use SSL

Phishing sites use SSL

Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) experts in their new report on this cyber threat analyzed modern phishing techniques. They found out that almost three quarters of modern phishing sites use SSL protection. From October to December 2019, the number of recorded phishing sites decreased compared to the summer period. In total, …

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Number of linked with WhatsApp phishing URLs increased by 13 467%

WhatsApp Phishing URLs

According to Vade Secure’s report, the number of phishing URLs related to Facebook grew by 358,8%, and WhatsApp, by 13467%. Vade Secure published a report on phishing threats in the fourth quarter of 2019. Researchers identified 25 brands that phishers most widely use, compiling this list by analyzing a variety …

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