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Microsoft recommends Exchange administrators to disable SMBv1

Microsoft recommends disabling SMBv1

Microsoft strongly recommends administrators to disable the SMBv1 protocol on Exchange servers to protect against threats that exploit its vulnerabilities. Let me remind you that Microsoft has been implementing a systematic refusal to use the outdated SMBv1 for a long time. So, since 2016, the company advises administrators to withdraw …

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Trojan Emotet is trying to spread through available Wi-Fi networks

Trojan Emotet spread via Wi-Fi

Binary Defense analysts noticed that the new version of the Emotet Trojan behaves like a Wi-Fi worm, as it tries to spread and infect new victims through Wi-Fi networks available nearby. Researchers say that to detect the nearest Wi-Fi networks, the malware uses wlanAPI.dll on an already infected machine. Having …

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Greta Thunberg became the most popular character in phishing campaigns

Greta Thunberg in phishing campaigns

Check Point analysts prepared a traditional monthly report on the most active threats, the Global Threat Index. Greta Thunberg and Christmas became the most popular topics in spamming and phishing campaigns. For already three months, the Emotet Trojan has occupied one of the leading positions among malware: in December, Emotet …

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Emotet topped the rating of the most common threats in 2019

Emotet topped the threat rating

Any.Run, an interactive service for automated malware analysis, has compiled a list of the 10 most common threats downloaded to this platform. The Trojan Emotet topped this 2019 threat rating. The top includes malware designed to steal all types of confidential information, bank details and remote access tools to control …

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Check Point named the most dangerous malware of November 2019

The most dangerous malware of November 2019

Check Point Research Team, Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a global cybersecurity solutions provider, published the Global Threat Index report, listing the most dangerous malware of November 2019. Experts said that for the first time in three years, a mobile Trojan entered the general list of malware, and …

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