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Signs that your Computer is Infected

The usual question many computer users ask is “what are signs of computer infection?” On some occasions, computer users suspect that their computer is infected but cannot ascertain if this is true or not. This case is even worse when they are using old or inferior antivirus program which is not capable of detecting the latest threats.

A lot of computer users have absolutely no idea that their computer is infected until the situation get worse. Some of the major mistakes often made by computer users include having no antivirus program installed at all, having outdated and inefficient antivirus installed or having no knowledge about updating these programs and removal and prevention of viruses.

Signs that your Computer is Infected

» 1. When you get notice of virus or spyware warning

Whenever you observe a pop-up or alert that you have spyware or virus on your system, please proceed with causation. Usually, these pop ups and alerts do contain links asking you to download their software. Be careful not to fall to their bait. They are mostly rogue software trying to promote their products with fake virus warnings. Such warnings include:

When you get notice of virus or spyware warning
You have a security problem!
• Windows has detected spyware infection
• Warning spyware threat has been detected on your PC!
• Warning spyware detected on your computer!

» 2. When your computer settings or browser home page changes without your command

They are newer and deadly form of viruses and spyware that infect the registry files directly and affect your settings. In fact, such malware can prevent you from changing them back. If you discover something like this, you need antivirus software that can scan the registry.

When your computer settings or browser home page changes without your command

» 3. When your computer operates slowly than before

This is 2017 where technology has advanced greatly. More complex and socially-engineered viruses and spyware are now the major topics of the day. These types of infections are easy to fool you and can easily turn your computer into a complete nightmare .

When your computer operates slowly than before

This set of new viruses and malware can be difficult to detect even when using “high-grade” antivirus software. In cases whereby they are detected, they are often virtually impossible to remove. This can make you lose your cherished and valuable documents, pictures, videos, and other files.

However, with the increasing trend of virus’s infection, it is pertinent that you learn how to quickly and easily identify a possible malware infection on your computer before a huge damage is done.

The presence of viruses and spyware on your computer will tend to slow down its work so that you can download their rogue files. If you should try to download them, they will totally take over your computer and infect them further.

There are many more signs associated with virus detection, that are the major and easily noticeable ones. However, in case you notice one or more signs as identified above, there is a good chance that your computer has been infected. We will continue this topic in our next posts.

Happy Computing!

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