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How To Keep Your PC In Perfect State

The computer has become our regular device today. At present, nothing can be imagined without a computer. Regardless of the people of any profession, there is no parallel to the computer. There are many uses of computers for official work, daily work, movies, music, graphics, etc. But for a long time running the computer, the speed of our device does not last. It becomes very slow. Then we usually do two things. Think of a computer problem and take it to the technician or you can install a new operating system. But if you have a good idea, then you can keep the computer always dynamic. Let’s know about How to keep your pc in perfect state.

Remove unnecessary programs:

When installing a program, many unnecessary programs are installed with it which can reduce the performance of your PC. So first, remove unnecessary programs. For this:

  • Go to the Start menu.
  • Control panel
  • Programs and Features
  • Then Remove unauthorized programs.

Or better use a specialized software like Gridisoft Anti-Malware.

Remove unnecessary junk files:

While running the computer, many unneeded files are created automatically, which can reduce the speed of our PC. To delete these unnecessary files:

  • First, go to Start button
  • Then go to Run
  • Type prefetch
  • Then press Enter
  • And remove all files.

Then type % temp% and press Enter and delete all the files.

Regular Disk Defragmentation:

To keep your PC in a perfect state, you should Defragmenter the disk regularly. After a few days defragment the hard disk. This will increase the speed of your hard disk. To defragment the hard disk:

  • Go to properties from My Computer.
  • From there, go to Performance Information and Tools.
  • Go to Advanced tools.
  • Go to Open Disk Defragmenter.

If you want to go directly, type disk defragmenter at the search bar and press enter.

Keep the PC virus free

The virus can destroy your entire PC. With it, it can also eliminate all the files you need. You can use good quality anti-virus for this. For this, we’ll suggest you use GridinSoft Anti-Malware. It can detect a lot of viruses than the well-known antivirus. Use Removable Device and Internet Security options to keep PC free from malware, spyware and shortcut virus. Because most of the virus spreads through the USB Pen Drive.

Use a good antivirus software:

You should use a good and trusted antivirus for computer security. Although no antivirus guarantees 100% security, it can save your device a lot by the possibility of it. As long as the computer runs and exists on the Internet or not, the antivirus software will always be needed. Antivirus software is a type of program that helps to protect your computer against most viruses, and other unwanted attacks, and makes aware of problems that may harm your computer. Antivirus is an important tool to prevent such attacks.

Remove Browsing History and cookies:

By, accumulating browsing history and cookies in RAM can slow down RAM speed. To delete browsing history and cookies every day, open any browser and delete everything by pressing Shift + Ctrl + Delete. To do this automatically use Reset Browser Settings Option of GridinSoft Anti-Malware.

Remove unnecessary program startups:

When the PC start, many unnecessary programs may also launch with it.. Because of those programs, it takes a lot of time from the start of the PC and occupies the place of Rum. To stop unnecessary program autostart:

  • Go to Run
  • Type msconfig
  • Press Enter
  • Disable the programs you do not need.

Be careful when downloading and running a program:

Generally, most of the Windows users are maliciously infected by malfunctioning downloads or installing bad software or unknown software. So always be careful about your downloading and running programs and be aware of them. Only download and run software that is widely known and trusted, or recommended by a trusted site.

Keep the computer cool:

The computer should always be kept cold. Because the computer can be switched off due to excess heating. If the problem arises, the computer winding pathways should be kept open at first. It needs to be cleaned well inside the dirt zone. If you do this on laptops you can use the cooling pad with an extra fan. If the desktop computer is too hot, arrange extra fan.

Keep away from the sunlight:

Do not use a laptop in direct sunlight. Because it can cause any damage to your laptop very quickly. Remember, if you can use a laptop or desktop as cool as possible, it keeps in good condition. So do not use laptops or desktop in those places where there is a sunshine.

Regular servicing:

Servicing your computer at least once a year. It may seem unnecessary, but it will increase the life expectancy of your PC. Keeping care worse than fixing is more effective. Try to take the service of a trusted or known person or organization and make regular servicing from one place, there is a guarantee of servicing properly.

Keep C Drive empty:

Lack of emergency files is kept on the desktop or C Drive. For clean C drive, you need to delete temporary files. Remove them. There are plenty of places to keep files on your hard drive. Keep the desktop empty, the computer speed will increase. Keep Recycle bin blank all the time. Do not keep any files in Recycle Bin. Keeping files in the Recycle Bin can slow down the computer.

So, this article discusses how to keep your PC in perfect state. Hope you have got a good idea about keeping your PC good through this article. Here are some tricks highlighted. Use these and follow them properly, so hopefully, your PC will be in perfect state.

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