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Gridinsoft becomes Google’s information security partner

Gridinsoft LLC is proud to be one of 68 partners of VirusTotal, Google’s Information Security Service, in the array of malware scanners. Currently, Gridinsoft is the second information security company in Ukraine to be in an equal position with the world’s technology giants in this field.

VirusTotal is a free online service provided by Google, which analyzes suspicious files, helps businesses and users quickly and accurately detect viruses, worms, trojans, and all other kinds of malicious software.

“As a platform for the world’s leading computer security companies, VirusTotal has strict integration standards. We are pleased not only because Gridinsoft’s malware detection technology meets stringent requirements, but we also believe that we can make a valuable contribution to the global cybersecurity community.”Irina Gridina, one of the Founders and CEO of Gridinsoft LLC

Pursuing the goal of helping users to solve PC hygiene problems, Gridinsoft is constantly striving to employ the achievements of Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to detect the invasion more effectively. As a partner of VirusTotal, through Gridinsoft’s integration of tools in the array of malware analysis Scanner, Irina hopes Gridinsoft will interact with the cybersecurity community to restrict ransomware, malware, and all other forms of cyberattacks, creating a safer digital environment for non-savvy-tech users.

Previously, Gridinsoft has developed tools for checking PCs for third-party intrusions and disable them. Thousands of companies and millions of users worldwide confirm the effectiveness of our software in this field. For years we have been ensuring the high quality of threat recognition by OPSWAT certificates.


GridinSoft Journalist. We write about cybersecurity and privacy, striving to provide readers the latest news of this field and useful tips to keep their data safe in this joyful, but dangerous modern world of the web.

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