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Google Unveiled a Source Code for Tsunami Vulnerability Scanner

Google Unveiled Tsunami Code

Google has unveiled the source code for the Tsunami scanner, a scalable solution for detecting dangerous vulnerabilities with a minimum of false positives. The scanner is aimed at large corporate networks consisting of thousands or even millions of Internet-connected systems. The code is already available on GitHub. Tsunami will not …

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Mozilla suspended Firefox Send service due to abuse and malware

Mozilla Suspended Firefox Send

Journalists from ZDNet drew attention of Mozilla engineers to numerous abuses of the Firefox Send service, which was actively used to distribute the malware. Mozilla temporarily suspended the Firefox Send service (for the time of investigation), and the developers promise to improve it and add a “Report Abuse” button. Firefox …

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Scientists have introduced a new algorithm for protection against deepfakes

Algorithm for protection against deepfakes

Scientists from Boston University have introduced a new algorithm for protection against deepfakes. Their filter modifies pixels so that videos and images become unsuitable for making fakes. With the development of new technologies of deepfakes, it becomes much more difficult to determine the reliability of one or another information published …

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Google vice president says “black hat” is not a neutral term

black hat - not neutral enough

Journalists from ZDNet noticed that during the weekend there was a hot discussion in the information security community due to the “lack of neutrality” of the term black hat. The discussion began with a series of tweets by David Kleidermacher, vice president of Google engineering, responsible for the security of …

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Attackers hack Roblox accounts and urge to vote for Trump

Attackers hack Roblox accounts

According to the ZDNet publication, unknown attackers hack Roblox accounts and leave a message “Ask your parents to vote for Trump this year! #MAGA2020 ” in about 1800 users’ profiles on Roblox.com. Judging by the complaints of the victims, which can be found on Reddit, on Twitter and so on, …

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The researcher found that every 142nd password is “123456”

every 142nd password is “123456”

Ata Hakçıl, a Turkish student and independent researcher, has done a great job examining over a billion different usernames and passwords. The researcher found that every 142nd password is “123456”. He collected such a huge dump for analysis from open sources: all this data was once “leaked” to the network …

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US cyber command warned about dangerous vulnerability in PAN-OS

dangerous vulnerability in PAN-OS

The US cyber command warned that in PAN-OS was discovered a dangerous vulnerability and that soon government hack groups are likely to start using it. PAN-OS is an operating system running on firewalls and corporate VPN devices, manufactured by Palo Alto Networks. The cause for concern is really serious: the …

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Check Point: hackers exploit BLM theme for attacks

hackers exploit the BLM theme

Check Point analysts reported that hackers are actively exploiting the BLM (Black Lives Matter) theme for attacks and noted increase in the activity of cybercriminals, connecting it with weakening of the isolation regime. In June, the average number of attacks per week increased by 18% compared to May of this …

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Evil Corp returns to criminal activity with WastedLocker ransomware

Evil Corp with WastedLocker Ransomware

Fox-IT experts talked about the latest activity of the famous hacker group Evil Corp. According to analysts, the group came back to life in January of this year and conducted several malicious campaigns, and then completely resumed activity with new tools – such as the WastedLocker ransomware. Let me remind …

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Hackers force users to solve CAPTCHA

Hackers force to solve CAPTCHA

Microsoft analysts have discovered a malicious campaign, in which hackers force users to solve CAPTCHA before they gain access to malicious content in an Excel document. This file contains macros that install on the victims’ machines GraceWire Trojan, which steals confidential information (for example, passwords). Responsibility for this campaign is …

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eBay employees organized persecution and intimidation of a family of bloggers

EBay organized persecution of bloggers

Six former eBay employees became involved in a strange trial. According to the investigation, eBay employees organized the persecution and intimidation of a couple of bloggers from the city of Natick, Massachusetts. The auction employees literally terrorized the spouses that published unflattering articles about eBay, sending them live cockroaches and …

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Experts discovered Chrome largest spyware installation campaign

Chrome spyware installation campaign

Specialists from the company Awake Security reported about currently perhaps the largest spyware campaign for installing spyware in Google Chrome. As part of the campaign, criminals registered thousands of domains and used extensions in Chrome to install malware on victims’ devices. Users installed spyware through 32,962,951 downloads of various malicious …

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Vulnerabilities in old GTP protocol could affect 4G and 5G networks

Vulnerabilities in Old GTP

Experts cautioned that vulnerabilities in the old GTP (GPRS Tunneling Protocol) could quite seriously affect the operation of 4G and 5G networks. In reports published last week and in December 2019, Positive Technologies and A10 Networks described in detail a number of vulnerabilities in this protocol. In particular, are known …

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