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BadPower attack can set devices on fire

BadPower can set devices on fire

Chinese experts from Xuanwu Lab (research arm of Tencent) have published a report on the BadPower attack technique, which can set on fire various devices with the use of Quick Charge technology. In the report, researchers at Xuanwu Lab said that they learned how to change the firmware of fast …

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SGAxe attack endangers Intel processors

SGAxe endangers Intel processors

As part of the June “Update Tuesday,” Intel fixed more than 20 different vulnerabilities in its products, including the SGAxe bug, which endangers several Intel processors. The manufacturer also released updated microcodes for processors vulnerable to the new CrossTalk MDS problem. But CrossTalk was not limited to this, and this …

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Conspiracy theorists accused Bill Gates in creating coronavirus

Conspiracy theorists accused Gates

Microsoft founder Bill Gates fell victim of fake theories that he was allegedly involved in the creation of the coronavirus COVID-19. In fact, conspiracy theorists accused Bill Gates in creation of a coronavirus and intention to achieve material benefits from the pandemic. At TED conference in 2015, Bill Gates argued …

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Top 8 Risks of using Public WiFi

Public Wifi can be said to be a convenient and effortless way to surf anywhere on someone else’s expense. Public WiFi is available nearly everywhere you go: coffee shops, airports, hotels, schools and even out on the streets. No one can deny how convenient it is, but should you really …

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The Most Effective Ways to Prevent Viruses on Your System

Tired of your OS Widows behaving strangely and slowing down suddenly? I can understand the pains of having to remove the viruses infecting your system and then sustaining the damage done by them. According to a recent survey worldwide malware expenses have increased up to $20 Million. A google research …

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Innovation companies are promising to change individuals’ lives with super-quick remote versatile systems. The purported 5G technology was the principal focal point of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a weeks ago. 5G is the up and coming age of versatile innovation, A buyer innovation examiner at a London-based computerized …

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Who stands behind cyberattacks? Top 5 types of attackers

When accessing the internet, we are often introduced to seemingly wonderful websites, which we think would assist us with our internet surfing, and we often fall into the trap of thinking that these websites are save to use. In addition to that, it is advisable to us to install a …

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8 Signs Your PC Might Be a Botnet and How To Remove It

Botnet attacks have been around for a long time but are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. So far in past years, there have been several high-profile cases that illustrate the power of botnets. Through the global ‘Pony’ botnet attack, for instance, criminals stole about $220,000 in bitcoins and other digital currencies. …

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How to clean space on your Windows computer?

Nothing is more annoying than receiving a notification about your device’s storage being full. You delete some software, your favourite music, some memorable pictures but, still the storage seems to remain full. It is definitely a hair pulling moment. But, you can solve this problem on your Windows by following …

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How can you enhance the security of your browser?

Which is the most secure Web browser? Google Chrome? Mozilla Firefox? Microsoft’s Edge? It’s a simple question but the answer is quite complicated. Five years back a poll was carried out and results shows security-conscious browser users overwhelmingly voted Firefox as the most secure. But during the annual Pwn2own hacking …

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Is your PC restarting without any reason or maybe, without any obvious reason? Well, it can be super annoying and we understand that! Imagine you are in the middle of an important project and you are too busy working on it and suddenly, your PC goes off and restarts again. …

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How To Keep Your PC In Perfect State

The computer has become our regular device today. At present, nothing can be imagined without a computer. Regardless of the people of any profession, there is no parallel to the computer. There are many uses of computers for official work, daily work, movies, music, graphics, etc. But for a long …

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How to Disable Push Notifications in Your Browser

More and more sites use push-notifications nowadays to show the latest news for you anytime. Nevertheless, it’s such an annoying thing! Almost every site uses such way of promotion. Did you know that by clicking “Allow” you can let viruses in your system? It’s a popular way of spreading, by …

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