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6 Terrifying Samples How Marketers Use Adware

While Spyware and Adware are arguably the fastest growing malicious threats to computers, proponents of these software programs are quite an intelligent lot. Collectively, these two together hit a staggering 90% of all Internet-connected PCs, leaving behind immeasurable losses. But of the particular essence right now is the widespread use of Adware amongst sly affiliate […]

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Online Einkaufen: Ist es so sicher, wie es versprochen wird?

Online einkaufen sieht sehr vielversprechend aus und es kann sein, wenn Sie die vertrauenswürdigen Sites verwenden aber es erfordert eine Menge Achtung Da für On-line-Einkaufen sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse, Ihre Versandadresse, Ihre Telefonnummer und vor allem ihre Kreditkarte Informationen mehrere Male. Diese Informationen sind anfällig für verschiedene cybercrimes zum Opfer zu fallen.Es gibt eine Reihe von […]

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Why You Should Not Clean Your PC Yourself

Are you faced with a lagging PC? One that you feel has become sluggish and unresponsive? Then worry not, because almost everybody has faced that challenge before. However, not everybody tackled the problem the same way. While some have had good advice and guidance, others went ahead and ruined or destroyed their computer because they […]

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Signs that your Computer is Infected

The usual question many computer users ask is “what are signs of computer infection?” On some occasions, computer users suspect that their computer is infected but cannot ascertain if this is true or not. This case is even worse when they are using old or inferior antivirus program which is not capable of detecting the […]

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What Do Spammers Hope For?

For many of us, the most dreaded chore can be the weekly mail cleanup- answering all the overdue emails and deleting the ones that are of zero importance going ahead. But what is probably the most irksome parasite that latches onto emailing is annoying spam. There must have been a time when you would have […]

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Why Can Voice Assistants Be Dangerous?

This is 2017, and you’re not pressing the buttons on your smartphone’s keyboard anymore. You’re using the movement of your tongue to order your phone to carry out the required function. A few years ago, we could only dream about science and technology to produce something like this. Devices like Google Home, Alexa, Apple Siri […]

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Forewarned is forearmed, this is the second part of our new category – Malware on Android! Here is a new threat, that is really hard to notice! Maybe you have it on your device right now. Check it!   » PowerOff Hijack Do you think, that the switched off phone is secured from any Internet threats? Then […]

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