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Bye-bye Windows 8.1!

There are lots of discussions among users about the usability of this version and nevertheless, lots of computer users are still using it. Windows 8.1 is losing the next version in lots of results: security, speed and of course interface. We all know about this Metro-style Start Menu, that caused lots of jokes. Windows 10 is obviously the “younger brother”, but has all features of Windows 10 (yes, even that start button can be activated) and more.

Two years after the release of new Windows version 40% of users were using the old one – Windows 7 and only 6% were updated to Windows 8.1.

So, officially it’s time to say goodbye to known Windows 8.1 a little over five years after release, as developers stopped doing new updates from January 9. But don’t get sad if you still haven’t updated it. Extended support will be last until January 10, 2023. What does it mean? You can use Windows 8.1 for now, but usual updates are not provided, only security fixes. Better than nothing, huh?

As statistics show Windows 8.1 idea is failed, users still prefer regular mouse and keyboard, not a tablet.

Polina Lisovskaya

Polina works as marketing manager for a year now and loves searching for interestingĀ topics for you:)

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