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Best gifts for parents

What to gift to parents? We know that it is one of the hardest questions for everyone. Parents always knew what do you want on holidays and how to surprise you. It’s your turn! That is why we’ve decided to do a research, what our parents need and how we can make them happier. All parents are different, but I believe that this guide will help you.

#1: Smart luggage

Smart Luggage: GPS, Remote Locking, Battery Charger

Are your parents always losing things? Or their phones dead unexpectedly? Are they travelers? Then a smart luggage is a perfect present for your mom and dad. It is not just luggage-charger it has a built-in GPS tracker. With a help of your smartphone, you can see where is your luggage. We sure, that with such gift, your parents can travel with no worries.

#2: A new friend - R2-D2

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero

If your parents are fans of Star Wars this gift is perfect for them! Imagine how cool is it – R2-D2 at your home. This droid “speaks” the same voice as a real R2-D2, shows you holographic simulations and even react on some scenes from Star Wars saga.

#3: A pleasure of real photos

Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer (Gold)

Our parents used to collect their memories with the help of real things – photos, jewelry, tickets on planes and so on. You can help them to save memories in this old manner – gift them a portable photo printer. It is so easy to print photos that you’ve just made on your smartphone. We’re sure, your parents will appreciate this gift.

#4: Little Finder

Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder

If your parents can’t find their keys or phones often it’s time to make them a tiny present. This small Bluetooth tracker almost invisible and unnoticeable. A perfect thing to find keys quicker.

#5: E-book

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader -High-Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

It is weird if your parents still haven’t the e-book. Read any at any time, any book, small-sized and light-weighted device – what else should we say to convince you? If your parents are not so “modern” and don’t understand what to do with a new device we recommend to unbox the e-book first, settle it and download the list of favorite books of your mom and dad.

#6: Neck Massager

Naipo Neck and Shoulder Massage with Rechargeable Battery and Heat

Massage is a great way to relax, but your parents can’t visiting salons every day. You can gift them a portable massager for a neck. All your parents need to do is sit in comfy clothes and nice atmosphere and relax with the massager.

#7: External hard drive

LaCie USB-C 2TB Portable Hard Drive

If your parents not good at internet security we recommend to gift them an external hard drive and make back-ups regularly. No blue screen or virus can destroy your data with such back-up. It’s your time to worry about safety of parents, they will be grateful.

#8: A strong Anti-Malware Protection

GridinSoft Anti-Malware with a great function – Reset Browser Settings

Our parent didn’t grow up with technology as we are, that is why they don’t understand the possible danger of unknown email address, suspicious site or nasty pop-ups with a “great” deal. The easiest way to secure them is to install a good protection from any online threat and present an 1-year license.

Also, few non-tech gifts ideas:

#9: Home slippers

UGG Women’s Cozy Slippers

Take care of your parent’s health and warm. The coziest and sweetest present is a warm and super comfortable slippers for home. Look at this one!

All these gifts are cool, but what can be better than a great family dinner?

Polina Lisovskaya

Polina works as marketing manager for a year now and loves searching for interesting topics for you:)

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