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The 5 Worst Online Security Myths

We all think that getting a secure antivirus software and security check post will keep us safe from all online invasions and security exploitations. Well, it kind of does This is not true, however. Whilst we are all promised online security through and through – the truth is that most of the security promised online on the internet or the web is not as fool-proof as expected. In fact, you are not exactly as safe on the internet as you might think to be. Let’s take a look at the common online security myths that have fooled people over the years. Read on to find out all about them; maybe you are being tricked even as we speak!

Worst Online Security Myths:

»Myth 1. You Are Not As Vulnerable As You Think

The first thing that we all know about online security is that it is not as comprehensive and foul-proof as expected. In fact, we expect to buy hackers every time we use the internet. The first myth is, in fact, a groundbreaking positive truth – the threat is nothing near to being as real as what we think! As a tiny drop in an ocean of online users, you are not as vulnerable and exposed as you think to be, of course, if you have a good protection and don’t download a lot of free software.

Myth 1. You Are Not As Vulnerable As You Think

»Myth 2. Security Software Slow Down The System

Another myth is that having the system secured with an online security software will slow down the speed of your system or device. This is utter nonsense. An internets security program is just like another software, it might take up some resources, but it does not eat up all resources as people claim.

Myth 2. Security Software Slow Down The System

»Myth 3. Any New Device Is 100% Secure From All Threats

We believe that if we got a new laptop it is 100% safe from all threats or malware. This is only half the truth. Even the newest devices have problems and this is why it is important to run a security setup through it ASAP!

Myth 3. Any New Device Is 100% Secure From All Threats

»Myth 4. The Saved Password Is Only For Your Device

Most of the times when we enter our password online, we get the chance to save it for our device. We think it is only for our device when in reality it is saved on the website as well. This provides access to third-party users which makes it easier for them to access your personal information without prior consent. So saving the password is not completely safe, after all!

Myth 4. The Saved Password Is Only For Your Device

»Myth 5. Cloud Services Are Not Trustworthy

There is a general belief that cloud services are not trustable since there is so much news about them cloud accounts being hacked and personal information being leaked. This is however only half the truth. In fact, if there is something that is most secure on the internet to back up your data – it is your cloud account. Almost all cloud services provide you with encryption on your data which makes it is way safer on the cloud than it is on your computer or smartphone. There is no better security than that!

Myth 5. Cloud Services Are Not Trustworthy

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