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New Times, New Threats: Adware.Amonetize investigation

Lately, our Team faced with complaints about Adware.amonetize virus. It hits most of the countries of Europe, the biggest quantity of infections is in China, Azerbaijan, Iran, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. It doesn’t matter Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or other browsers do you use: you will see ads anyway. We investigated […]

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Friday the 13th YOUR LUCKY DAY

GridinSoft Team decided to make Friday the 13th YOUR LUCKY DAY! Did you new about a Jerusalem virus? It is also known as Friday the 13th was created in Israel in 1988. The virus was activated very simply: as soon as Friday the 13th was on the calendar, all the programs and files used were […]

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Gefahren der geknackten Software

Risse oder illegaler Software wird einfach über das Internet verfügbar. Es ist eine Software, die geändert wurde einige seiner unerwünschten Funktionen, gehören vor allem die Abschaffung von Kopierschutz Funktionen zu entfernen. Während sie mit einem gerissenen Kopie einer Software scheinen kann, wie eine wirtschaftlich sinnvolle Lösung, es macht Sie zu einer Reihe von schwerwiegenden schädlichen […]

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Dangers of USB-devices

USB-devices are the world’s most capable vector of malware, worms, and viruses. What makes USB-devices so big at carrying malware? They’re the mosquitoes of the digital world with the characteristics of being portable, small and easy to carry, so general as to be almost invisible. What’s dangerous about USB drives, many computer operators are in […]

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Top 4 tips to speed up a slow PC

Well, you probably can recall that sweet feeling of owning a new computer, right? Over time you have been enjoying to see it blaze through tough situations but slowly, or even quickly that feeling starts to fade away because your pc is becoming slower and slower opening files or even closing running programs. Nowadays it […]

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5 Dangers of Cracked Software

Pirated or Cracked software is easily available on the internet. It is software that has been modified to remove some of its undesirable features which mainly include getting rid of copy protection features. While getting using a cracked copy of a software may seem like an economically feasible solution, it exposes you to a number […]

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Programmers’ Day Celebration! Free Licenses!

On the 13th of September, Programmers’ Day! GridinSoft Developer Team is glad to celebrate this day with you! Aaaand we have a big present for each one of you 🙂 We grant a 1-year license of GridinSoft Anti-Malware for FREE and we expected to be complimented on this day: why our work is so helpful […]

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Adware Everywhere: Who Knows What Is Happening?

Perhaps you’ve heard the familiar whirlwind that no harm can ever hit your pricey gadget, maybe because everything from official App Stores is 100% clean and safe. And so, you’re on your favorite browser, carefree and worry-free! Alas! The browser starts to act stupid, redirecting and taking you places filled with creepy adverts or worse […]

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How Teens Tricking Their Parents With The Help of Their Electronic Devices

We all know that the internet has become a major necessity of the modern times. The latest electronic devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones only make it easier to access the internet. There are undoubtedly many beneficial reasons why children and teenagers along with adults should use electronic devices and have around-the-clock access to […]

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How to prepare your kids for school? – Secure ours Kids!

It is not a secret that our children do not just use the Internet, but they literally live on the Internet.  Even if parents think that they know everything about little offspring they are wrong. Recent surveys say that almost 90% of children (from 10 to 16 years) won’t tell parents about unpleasant accidents that happened on social media. […]

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7 Gefahren im Internet, von denen Du nichts wusstest

„Das Internet ist für uns alle Neuland“, stellte Angela Merkel bereits in einer berühmt gewordenen Rede fest. Das Zitat mag, ist es doch aus dem Kontext gezogen, etwas altbacken klingen. Doch insgeheim fürchtet wohl jeder von uns, im Internet abgezockt zu werden, seine Identität an der falschen Stelle preiszugeben oder einen anderen fatalen Fehler zu […]

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The 5 Worst Online Security Myths

We all think that getting a secure antivirus software and security check post will keep us safe from all online invasions and security exploitations. Well, it kind of does This is not true, however. Whilst we are all promised online security through and through – the truth is that most of the security promised online […]

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6 Terrifying Samples How Marketers Use Adware

While Spyware and Adware are arguably the fastest growing malicious threats to computers, proponents of these software programs are quite an intelligent lot. Collectively, these two together hit a staggering 90% of all Internet-connected PCs, leaving behind immeasurable losses. But of the particular essence right now is the widespread use of Adware amongst sly affiliate […]

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